How to choose a laser cutting/engraving machine

 2017-10-12 10:42    141

With the time goes by, many companies or people would like to buy one Laser cutting/engraving machine for their working or hobbies. But how to choose a suitable one, it’s a questions in all brains. Here’s some tips for help as follow.

laser cutting machine

1.The materials.

According to the different laser source, Laser machine can be divided into Fiber laser machine and CO2 laser machine. Generally speaking, fiber laser machine is used for metal. And CO2 laser machine is used for non-metal.

samples of laser cutting machine

2.Type of work.

Normally, the laser machine can engrave, cut, mark. Some of laser machines contains two or three function. But it also have some dedicated laser machine. 

samples of laser cutting machine

3.Working area.

That means the working area of laser machine. Not the bigger is the better. One reason is the bigger the more expensive. Also the bigger machine will take more space. But the most important thing about the bigger machine is that some of machine with poor quality may cause irregularity on the materials because of the laser output is not stable on average. So choose a suitable working table is very important.

Laser cutting machine

4.Power of laser source.

With the different materials and working type, you should choose different power of laser machine. For example, if you want to engrave on acrylic or mdf, you’d better choose a low power laser source. But if you want to cut wood, plastic, or anything, you may need a machine with high power so that it can cut smoothly and fast. 

laser source


In a very short period of time with faster production of more products in order to create higher profits. The more efficient the better. It may help you to get more order and finish the working faster.

laser head of laser cutting machine


The most difference between laser machine and traditional manual techniques is the precision. At present, the DPI of our machine is over 1000. 


For all kind of machine, the warranty is very important. But many people have a wrong thought that I can buy a machine with lower price but with a long warranty, so that i can get repaired for a long time. Those people don’t know that the parts we use is imported which is not easy to damaged. But the machines with lower price which adopt the used parts may cause many kind of problem during using.