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Why fiber laser marking machine price huge difference?

fiber laser marking machine price

Date: 2017-10-17 22:05From: http://www.cnclaser.xyzAuthor: ClaireViews: 437
Recently some customers who purchased fiber laser marking machine from other suppliers,and hope to change some parts or purchase new machine from us.What reason make the customers crazy and come back to us?

Now let me summary and give some suggestions.

1. Reason from customers:

Some customers are seeking cheap psychologic,before they place order,they do comparison just based on price and don’t care about quality, the results is obviously to be cheated and get some bad quality machine or machines that can’t do their works.

The customer seeking machine with cheap price can be understood,but if you get many quotations from suppliers,and with huge price difference ,finally you choose one lowest,how is it possible to get the right machine,right?

For example: 20W MOPA Fiber laser marking machine,some suppliers give 7000$ FOB price,and mostly are give 6500$-6800$,and some give 4500$ ,even lower.And you choose the 4000$ or 4500$.

It is not difficult to imagine that the one you choose is not normal price and normal quality machine.So you will be the customer so called”cheated”.

2. Reason from suppliers:

In order to get order,Some suppliers malicious compete to supply low price,sure with bad quality.No one factory to accept orders without reasonable profit,Because it's no meaning of accepting this order, it only makes their workers tired and occupy capital.

If they force themselves to accept that orders, they have to bring down the quality to average their cost or don’t provide their service to customers.

Please remember that no one do lose money trading.

Jinan STYLECNC fiber Laser marking machine price not low,so if customers who only care about price,please go to other suppliers directly,we don’t do bad quality machine.

Any customer who choose us finally,will never get disappoint,we believe that you will come again after first deal!

Let us show what customer say:

Why fiber laser marking machine price huge difference?

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