Portable color fiber laser engraving machine for metal

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Portable color fiber laser engraving machine can mark color on stainless steel, also can mark black and white color on Iphone case.

Portable color fiber laser engraving machine for metal

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fiber laser engraving machine

Features of fiber Laser engraving machine:

1. Adopts the high quality, high energy, high stability fiber laser source, lifetime span 100,000 hours. 

2. Laser beam quality is much better than the traditional Laser marking machine.

3. Free from maintance, long working life, small size, suitable for any working environment 

4. Easy operation software, compatible with PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD 

5. Runs without consumable spare parts, no need maintenance, great for continuous working.

6. The galvanometer scanning system is made of optical scanner and servo control of two parts, the whole system adopts new technology, new material, new design and manufacturing. 

7. The smallest volume, suitable for harsh environment, friendly interface, easy operation. 

8. Compact, lightweight, simple interface, flexible and adjustable processing direction. 

Application of fiber Laser engraving machine:

Applicable Industry: It widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco, leather, packaging, building materials, lighting, accessories, cosmetics, electronics and so on.

Applicable Materials: Fiber laser marking machine is suitable for all kind of metal, industrial plastic, electroplates, metal-coated materials, rubbers, ceramics and so on.

Technical parameters of color laser engraving machine:



Laser power


Laser wavelength


Laser type


Repeating frequency


Light beam quality


Carving range

100mm*100mm(200mm*200mm, 300*300mm for option)

Carving depth


Carving line speed


Minimum line width


Minimum character


Repeating precision


Power supply


Power consumption


Operating system


Cooling method

Inbuilt air cooling

Control interface

Standard USB

File format

All fonts/characters in characters library of WINDOWS

Detail pictures of fiber laser engraving machine:

fiber laser engraving machine

color fiber laser engraving machine

spare parts

two dimension table

Samples of color fiber laser engraving machine:

color marking machine

Iphone case mark

color fiber laser egrnaving machine

Package of color fiber laser engraving machine:

plywood case

package of fiber laser engraving machine