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Portable fiber laser marking machine with Raycus laser 20W

20W Raycus fiber laser marking machine

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Portable fiber laser marking machine widely used in engraving customized logo, text, symbol, pattern, bar code, QR code, serial number on metals, plastics and other materials.It can choose 20W,30W and 50W Raycus laser source.

Portable fiber laser marking machine with Raycus laser 20W

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Features of portable Fiber laser marking machine:

1. Best brand  Raycus fiber laser source: The portable fiber Laser marking machine adopts the advanced Raycus fiber laser system and imported speedy gavol scanning system to ensures excellent laser focusable beam and stable performance.

2. No maintenance: Without any consumptive part and no maintenance within life time.

3. High Speed: The fiber Laser marking machine compared with the YAG laser marking machine,its marking speed can reach up to 7000mm/s.

4. High quality of light beam : Marking has non-touched process, permanent effect, humanized operation, and stable running.

5. Easy Operation: Beijing JCZ control software,compatible with a variety of software, strong function, easy for learning and operate. We can see the power, speed, frequency parameters in the software, and design the working file in AutoCAD, CorelDRAW and Photoshop and so on.

Raycus fiber laser source :

Raycus fiber laser source

Original Beijing JCZ fiber laser marking control system:

Original Beijing JCZ fiber laser marking control system

The up-down working table,easy to adjus the fouce length:

portable fiber laser marking machine up-down working table

Portable fiber laser marking machine application :

Electrical and component Mobile: Cover,battery,keyboard, IPhone Case,Iphone IMEI.

Jewellery : Ring,earrings,bracelet,eyeglass,clocks and craft.

Building materials : PVC pipe,ABS plastic,Epoxy, PA, Phenolic, PMA ,PP、PE、ABS、PA6、PA66、PS、PBT、PET、POE、SEBS、TPU、TPE, and so on the materials.

Spare part : Instrument and meters and cutting tool 


Plastic case,aviation and aerospace : Military product,hardware fitting and accessory,sanitary appliance.

Food and beverage : Medicine package and medical instrument,solar PV industry

Technical parameters:

Laser Source

Portable fiber laser marking machine STJ-20F

Output Power

10w/20w/ 30w/50w



Beam Quality


Repeat Frequency

10khz--- 100khz

Pulse Energy


Beam Divergence

-0.3 to +0.3mrad

Laser Class






Marking Scope

110mmx 110mm/ 175mmx 175mm (optional)

Linear Speed

800 character/ s

Marking Linear Speed


Marking Depth

Max. 1.0- 1.5mm (hard steel)

Min. Line Width


Min. Character Size


Repeat Accuracy


Input Power


Electrical Source

220V / Single Phase

Portable fiber laser marking machine samples:

metal laser marking samples

nonmetal fiber laser marking samples

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