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STYLECNC 50W fiber laser marker system for deep engraving

50W fiber laser marker system

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50W fiber laser marking machine is widely for stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, aluminum, copper, anodized and coated, also in the industries of electronic and communication products.

STYLECNC 50W fiber laser marker system for deep engraving

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50W fiber laser marker system

What are the Applicables of 50w fiber laser machine?

1. Applicables material: This series Fiber laser marking machine apply to Plastic, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal surface marking.

2. Applicables industry: Laser marking machine is widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco, leather, packaging, building materials, lighting, accessories, cosmetics, electronics and other industries, low consumption, non-toxic, no pollution.

Technical parameters of 50w fiber laser machine:



Laser power


Laser source

China Raycus fiber laser

Light wave length


Laser modulation mode

Coupling amplification

Marking area


200*200mm, 300*300mm can be optional

Work table size

150*210 mm

Max marking speed


Marking depth


Min linewidth


Min marking character


Impulse frequency


Cooling way

Air cooling

Power supply


Min focus facula diameter


Re-position accuracy


Laser indicator

Red dot pointer

Marking content

Text,pattern,date,bar code,etc

Operation system

Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8

Control software

EZCAD control software marking control software

Details of 50W fiber Laser marking machine:

1. Sino brand galvo head with double red pointer

3. EZCAD software

EZCAD control software

4. CE FDA card.

50W fiber laser marking machine CE FDA card.

What are features of 50w fiber laser machine?

1. Powerful 50w fiber laser suitable for deep engraving and thin metal cutting.

2. Small size, one unit structure and user-friendly operation. 

3. Double red dots more easy to get focus. 

4. Maintenance-free and 100 000 hours long life time.

5. Quality Taiwan mean well power supply and Schneider AC conductor and switch.

6. The best China fiber laser source RAYCUS laser source.

7. Best quality high speed precision digital Galvotech scan head.

8. Genuine EZCAD control program compatible with win7/win8/win10.

9. Whole machine warranty 2 years.

10. Fast after sales service with remote control help set up machine step by step.

Products of 50W fiber laser marking machine:

50W fiber laser marking machine samples

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