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The advantages of MOPA color fiber laser marking machine

MOPA color laser marker

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Color laser marking machine with JPT MOPA fiber laser source is used for marking black, white, grey and colors on metal surface such as stainless steels, titanium. It is applied in color laser marking on Iphone, Macbook, electronic parts and keyboard.

Fiber laser marking machineMOPA color fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine has developed rapidly in recent years, it is widely used in electronic 3C products, machinery, food, packaging and so on. But in order to get a more beautiful mark effect and more efficient production and processing, The new technology: MOPA Laser marking machine appears. As a new technology, what is the difference between MOPA Laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine? Does it have any new technology and advantages?

1. Now a lot of electronic products are used alumina material as the product of the shell. Fiber laser marking machine marking on the alumina sheet, it is easily lead to material deformation. And MOPA laser marking machine, which can make the material is not easy to deformation.

2. At present, only MOPA laser marking machine can be marked on the surface of anodized aluminum material black trademark, model, text, etc. Because MOPA laser marking machine has a wide range of pulse width and pulse frequency adjustment range, the use of narrow pulse width, high frequency parameters can be marked on the surface of the material black effect, through the combination of different parameters can play a different effect.

3. In electronics, semiconductors and ITO and other precision machining need to use fine crossed applications. Fiber laser marking machine because of its own structure reasons, can not adjust the pulse wide parameters, so the line is difficult to do fine lines. The MOPA laser machine can flexibly adjust the pulse width, frequency parameters, not only can make the line fine lines, and the edge appears smooth and not rough.These three points are different between fiber laser marking machine and MOPA laser marking machine. And the advantages of MOPA laser marking machine. Of course there are other differences between the two types of machines, if you want to more or have any opinion about fiber laser marking machine and MOPA laser marking machine, Welcome to leave a message and feel free to contact us.

Some samples of fiber laser machine:

Samples of fiber laser marking machine

Some samples of MOPA color fiber laser machine:

Samples of MOPA color fiber laser marking machine

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