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STYLECNC® 1300*900mm laser cutting machine for wood crafts

1300*900mm laser cutting machine for wood crafts

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STYLECNC® 1300*900mm laser cutting machine maile used for engraving and cutting nonmetals, we also have 6090, 1290, 1610, 1325, etc for choose

STYLECNC® 1300*900mm laser cutting machine for wood crafts

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1300*900mm laser cutting machine

Features and advantages of 1300*900mm Laser cutting machine:

1. New design machine body, more stable and high precision.

2. High speed square linear guide rail installed on X Y axis, make sure the works stably and precisely.

3. The professional manufacturers adopts square tube framework in China, with more than 40% higher fuselage strength than iron sheet structure. This design prevents the machine from quivering, resonance and distortion during long term work.

4. New-style high-efficiency RECI laser tube is adopted. Laser beam is more stable than the traditional type. Usage age is more than 10000 hours.

5. Advanced LCD Screen+ USB port+ Offline Control,with professional motion control chip, has the function of consecutively high-speed curve cutting and the shortest path selection, which largely improves your working efficiency.

6. Red dot position system is added in standard configuration, contributing to simple and precise working position.

7. Automatic up-down table can be chosen for thick materials and high objects.

8. USB offline control system makes the operation more convenient and faster.

1300*900mm Laser cutting machine apply for engraving and cutting nonmetals such as wood arts, wood crafts, acrylic, color plates, ABS board, rubber, plastic, cloth toys, leather, wool, crystal, glass, ceramic tile, jade, bamboo products, wood products.

Cutting capacity of 1300*900mm laser cutting machine:

cutting capacity

Technical parameters of 1300*900mm laser cutting machine:



Working area


Laser power

100W RECI Brand (150W,130W for option)

Laser type

CO2 sealed laser tube,water-cooled

Driving system

3 phases leadshine brand stepper motor


Fulong brand Belt transmission

Guide way

Taiwan Hiwin Square guide rails

Control system

Ruida control system RD6442

Lens and mirrors

3pcs mirrors and 1pcs lens from Singapore

Working table

Blade table or Honeycomb table for option

Water chiller


Engraving speed

0-7500mm/min (According to the materials)

Cutting speed

0-4000mm/min (According to the materials)

Power supply

220V/50HZ , 110V/60HZ

Graphic format supported


Software supported

CorelDraw, PhotoShop, AutoCAD,TAJIMA

Up-down worktable


Auto focus


Red pointer


Optional parts

Rotary device

 CCD camera

Machine details of 1300*900mm laser cutting machine:

Advanced and Stable machine body, ensure the machine working with high speed and high precision:

1300*900mm laser cutting machine for wood crafts

Professional laser head, can engrave and cut materials with smooth effect.

laser head

Material collector, more humanize and convenient.

spare parts

Laser output path and the lens frames.

laser tube and lens

Electric box of 1300*900mm laser cutting machine.

1300*900mm laser cutting machine

Samples of 1300*900mm laser cutting machine:



wood crafts

wood arts

1300*900mm laser cutting machine for wood crafts

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