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Acrylic laser cutting machine 80W

80W acrylic laser cutting machine

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Acrylic laser cutting machine is a kind of laser system equipped with Co2 laser tube 80W-260W to cut for different thickness nonmetal materials.

Acrylic laser cutting machine 80W

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Acrylic Laser cutting machine 80W is a kind of laser system equipped with CO2 laser tube,it is used to engrave on acrylic, PVC, rubber sheet, plastic, crystal, glass, wood, bamboo, oxhorn, figuline,marble, leather, cloth, double-color board,and so on the nonmetal materials.

Features of acrylic Laser cutting machine:

1. Taiwan HIWIN square linear guide rail installed on X&Y axis, make sure the works stably and precisely.

acrylic laser cutting machine rails

2. RECI brand laser tube is adopted. Laser beam is more stable than the traditional type. Usage age is more than 10000 hours.

RECI laser tube 80W

3. Red dot position system is added in standard configuration, contributing to simple and precise working position.

acrylic laser cutting machine cutting head

4. Advanced Ruida USB offline control system, with professional motion control chip, making operation and maintenance quite easy.

Ruida control system

5. Automatic up-down table can be chosen for thick materials and high objects.

up-down table for acrylic laser cutting machine

6. Rotary device optional for cylinder materials working.

rotary device for acrylic laser cutting machine

Technical parameterd of acrylic laser cutting machine:



Cutting area

900 x 600mm

Laser power


Laser type

CO2 sealed laser tube,water-cooled

Engraving speed


Laser Output

1-100% software setting

Resetting positioning accuracy

≤ ±0.01mm

Power supply

220V/60HZ , 110V/60HZ

Operating temperature

0 - 45°C

Operating humidity

5 - 95%

Min. shaping character

English 1.0 x 1.0mm

Graphic format supported


Software supported

CorelDraw, PhotoShop, AutoCAD

Driving system

Stepper motor

Cooling mode

Water-cooling and protection system

Equipment Dimensions


Net/Gross Weight:


Shipping Dimensions


Applicaiton of acrylic laser cutting machine:

1) Advertising industry: 

    a) Double-colored board carving

    b) Organic glass carving and cutting 

    c) label carving  

    d) crystal cup carving                                                                    

    e) Warranty signed carving

2) Carved gifts and crafts industry:                                                                                                          

    a) Wood 


    c) Ivory

    d) Bone

    e) Leather

    f) paper


3) Packing and printing industry:

    a) Rubbery board

    b) Plastic board

    c) Double-layered board

    d) Model cutting board


4) Leather clothing industry:

    a) Complex characters and pattern carving

    b) Cutting on hypoderm

    c) Synthetic leather

    d) Man-made leather   

    e) Cloth


5) Architectural model industry:

    a) ABS board cutting

    b) Model carving


6) Production totem industry: 

    a) Appliance signs

    b) Anti-fake commodities marking

Samples of acrylic laser cutting machine:

acrylic laser cutting machine

acrylic laser cutting machine sample

Acrylic laser cutting machine package and transport:

acrylic laser cutting machine package

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