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How to improve engraving quality of your laser machine?

How to improve engraving quality of your laser machine?

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Some customer have a laser machine, but they don't know how to use it to engrave a good sample, this artical will help you to know how to do.

laser engraving machine

I. Initial Data

laser tube of laser engraving machine

II. Engraving Parameters

laser engraving machine parameters

Run Laser engraving program and draw small square with sides 10x10 mm.

Set engraving parameters

  • Processing Mode: Scan

  • Power (%): 30-40 (For 40 watt laser)

  • Speed (mm/s): 300

  • Interval (mm): 0.4 (This interval allows you to distinguish between engraved lines)

Engrave the image.

Look at the square with a magnifying glass. If even and odd lines do not dance and lines are aligned horizontally - then everything is fine. Otherwise, go to next step fot settings.

III.  System Setting

laser engraver

Open System Setting window: Config > System Setting > General Settings

Set Scanning (Reverse Interval) check box.

Add the following string values:

1. Speed (mm/s): 100 | Reverse Interval (mm): 0.10

2. Speed (mm/s): 200 | Reverse Interval (mm): 0.15

3. Speed (mm/s): 300 | Reverse Interval (mm): 0.19

4. Speed (mm/s): 400 | Reverse Interval (mm): 0.23

5. Speed (mm/s): 500 | Reverse Interval (mm): 0.25

6. Speed (mm/s): 600 | Reverse Interval (mm): 0.28

These values are valid for our particular machine instance. You may have other values.

IV. Square

wood sample of laser engraving machine

If even lines (second line) are to the left of odd lines (first line), increase the value of Reverse Interval (Figure 1), otherwise reduce (Figure 2).

Adjust values for the Reverse Interval and engrave the square until the lines will align horizontally (Figure 3).

Do the same for all engraving speeds that you use.

V. Vector Logo

How to improve engraving quality of your laser machine?

Look at the quality of engraving of the vector logo:

1. Without adjustment Reverse Interval

2. With the correct setting Reverse Interval and the value of Interval (mm): 0.1

3. For better engraving, set the value to Interval (mm): 0.05

VI: Perfect sample!!!

projects of laser engraving machine

Thanks for your reading.

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